At Bold Babe we find it vitally important to support other local artists, designers, craftsmen and businesses. That’s why we partner with small businesses to sell and represent their craft: from bracelets to sun-hats. Check out some of the amazing businesses we work with:


Sewn at the Rock



At Bold Babe, we work to ensure that each and every one of our products are made from the highest quality. That’s why we only partner with the best. Bold Babe works with Sewn at the Rock, a custom cut and sew company to produce each piece of clothing.

Sewn at the Rock currently has six full-time sewers, producing custom apparel as well as technical products for a variety of private label brands. By handling smaller minimums, they give developing access to experienced production facility. With a goal to operate profitably and gain efficiency to fund growth, the company hopes to add 1-2 sewers in 2019.

The partnership is one of friendship and networking and is reflected in the quality of Bold Babe’s clothing.




At Bold Babe, we believe that sun protection should start at an early age. By teaching our little ones safe skin practices, we can help them develop healthy habits for the future. We work with Cozey7, a company that manufactures UPF 50 kids sunsuits, wearable blankets and backpacks, to ensure protection at every age.

Jill, the owner of Cozey7, came up with the concept while hiking with her grandson, Ari. When they encountered stormy weather, she decided to repurpose a down-jacket by flipping it upside down, sliping Ari’s feet through the armholes, zipping it up and tucking him into the backpack. She then realized that she could make something that functioned the same way - and voila - the idea of Cozey7 was born.

Bold Babe and Cozey7 have worked several trade shows together and Jill’s products can be found on Bold Babe’s bus, Stella. Kate and Jill have been tossing around some big and exciting ideas for the future. Stay tuned!