There is something about the sun that has always energized me.

I love stepping outside and almost instantaneously feeling as though I have a warm blanket of happiness draped around me. Whether I am playing tennis, skiing or exploring the beautiful world we live in with my children, I feel the most myself in the sunny outdoors.


boldbabe-256.jpgAbout five years ago, I came to terms with the fact that I simply couldn’t take the high-intensity solar levels anymore. As a former sun worshiper, this realization was not an easy one to grasp. I loved my sports and my time in the sun. Was I supposed to give this all up and drastically shift my lifestyle to the indoors?

I knew there had to be a way to continue to live the active lifestyle that had become so deeply-rooted in my core, while also being able to seek natural and effective protection from the sun.

I began researching and evaluating alternative options. I tested out rash guards and sun protective clothing on the market, but nothing matched what I was looking for. Whether it was the fit, the design or ease of use, I was not satisfied. I wanted my UV protected clothing to be multifunction - something that would let me seamlessly transition from land to water, and visa-versa. I also wanted styles that I could wear around town and even at night. Disappointment after disappointment, I simply came to terms that no product met my needs.


Through my frustration, the Bold Babe seed flourished. I decided to fill the void that I had been searching for with Bold Babe SPF Clothing, a company invested in offering all-natural, health-conscious and fashionable UV protective clothing for women. We are not only concerned with present environmental challenge, but believe passionately about the education and health of generations to come.

All Bold Babe SPF clothing is handmade with love in Denver, CO. We also find it vitally important to support other local artists, designers, craftsmen and businesses. That’s why we partner with local businesses to sell and represent their craft: from bracelets to sun-hats.

It is my personal passion to advance women’s health. I feel grateful and honored to know that with every step Bold Babe takes, we take leaps forward in changing the lives of women. From your head right down to your toes, Bold Babe has you covered.


Finally, thank YOU for being a Bold Babe supporter.

Together, we can make health-conscious, proactive investments in your skin and those around you.