This Mother's Day...

Mothers Day, in my mind, is the marker of things to come. 

It is a time of growth and renewal. Green-covered lawns and cheery flowers, along with delightful smells of blossoming trees, put a smile on our faces and bring color back into our world. Spring is a time when the days get warmer and our clothes get lighter. As the sun gets more intense, our need for sun protection increases as well.

At Bold Babe, we are committed to protecting your precious skin. We have been hard at work this year creating new designs for our Spring 2018 line and resonating with what we hold dear: creativity, artistry and being bold. We have even come up with a new, exciting invention - one that is incredibly useful, versatile and convenient!

Our skin is our ultimate body of armor and it must be treated with great care and respect. So this Mother’s Day, consider investing in the health of your loved ones. Bold Babe continues to offer beautiful and stylish clothing, while providing comfort and solar protection. Like no other company on the market, we are committed to creating wearable pieces of artwork while giving you all-natural sun protection.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women in our lives who contribute selflessly to our success. It is your support and quiet strength that guide us through life and continue to be our beacons of light. You are our pillars of courage and strength. We celebrate you and all that you are. Thanks for being part of this world. 

Bold Babe Mother's Day Gift Guide:

          The Wrap Skirt                           Spring Flight Long Sleeve Top       The Convertible Ruched Shirt/Dress