Our Story

I will be the first to admit it: I am a former sun worshipper. Yes, I am one of those baby oil girls. The majority of my life I spent chasing the feeling of the warm energy of the sun draping my body.

However, after living in the Mile High city for 22 years, the intensity of the sun began to feel overwhelming. Whether it be the fact that the ozone layer is getting thinner or that each year my body gets older, something changed in my skin and I was no longer able to indulge in the sun the same way I used to.

Let me make one thing clear - it’s not that I cannot be in the sun at all anymore. I just can no longer go on those all day excursion in a spaghetti strap dress, tank top or bathing suit. I can take about a half hour of clear blue sunshine and then it’s time to cover up.

Yet, anyone that knows me well, knows that my love for the outdoors is ingrained in me. I love sports and my outside time with friends and family, enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather.

Over the years I tried to cover up with sunscreen - really, I have tried and tried. But, to my disappointment, every sunscreen I’ve used has turned out to be greasy and slimy. Plus, did you know that all those sunscreens that we have been slathering all over our bodies are full of toxins and chemicals? These chemical can seep into our bloodstream, consequently affecting our hormones.

Four years ago, the idea of Bold Babe was born. I loved the idea of sun protective clothing but couldn’t find any brands or products that fit what I was looking for. The tops were either made for a specific sport or were only for beachwear, nothing in between. The material was heavy, the graphics were plain, some shirts looked like you were on Safari, and the rash guards were skin tight and had, what I call, “a sausage effect.” I even had friends that had to shop in the mens department for shirts because they couldn’t find an appropriate size in women’s clothing. The choices all just felt incredibly restrictive, on so many different levels.

In these past four years, Bold Babe has filled a missing void in the world of sun protection. My mission was to build a company that believes in women’s health issues and wants to participate in the preventative care of our bodies. Bold Babe has become the go-to alternative to traditional sunscreens and a totally natural way of seeking refuge from the sun.

One of my greatest joys that has come from Bold Babe has been meeting those of you who have turned to the brand as a form of necessity. Whether it is from chemo, radiation, hormone treatments, psoriasis, SPF is a necessity. With Bold Babe you are able to still have fun in the sun and I am so touched that we have been able to help you. It’s an honor to know that our products have given you back your freedom, in the outdoor playground of your life.

And for those of you that have bought a Bold Babe shirt for fashion or preventative measures, good for you for being health conscious and mindful. My goal is to have women think of SPF clothing as a piece of clothing to be worn during all hours of the day. That’s why all Bold Babe clothing is multi-functional. It’s practical, economical, incredibly useful, unique and versatile in the market today.

So, out of a simple personal necessity was born a holistic concept to help women protect their largest living organ: their skin. As Bold Babe has grown, I have become incredibly committed to the cause and I feel fortunate and grateful to be part of the fight against skin cancer. Each year as we design new shirts and more multifunctional pieces, I get inspired by all of you that I meet along the way. So I thank you all for your support over the years and the great enthusiasm you have given Bold Babe to grow.

And so begins the next journey for Bold Babe - our 2018 Spring Line. There’s just so much more to be created, stay tuned, y’all!